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Hot air balloon tour: A unique experience during your stay in Morocco

Written on : 09 June 2020
By : Léa Frémiot
Hot air balloon tour: A unique experience during your stay in Morocco

What if you took advantage of your stay with Villanovo to discover Morocco from a different angle? Whether it is in the heart of a riad for a traditional experience or while staying in the historic district of Marrakech, an experience that remains undeniable if you want to discover your destination from another point of view: a hot air balloon tour. Quickly discover this unmissable experience! 
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Marrakech: one of the most beautiful sites in the world seen from the sky

Marrakech: one of the most beautiful sites in the world seen from the sky

You have already visited Marrakech in length and breadth, and would like to discover the city in a different way? Or is the option of a hot-air balloon tour for a first time in Marrakech appealing to you? Whatever the reason for your visit, the choice of discovering the Moroccan landscapes from the sky is a great idea and will fill your eyes with excitement! 
Marrakech is a destination appreciated all over the world for the beauty of its city, which marvellously combines monuments and traditional spirit with modernity and the creation of its new districts responding to the most recent architectural styles. To visit the ochre city is to discover a multitude of buildings and gardens, each one more beautiful than the next, but also to immerse yourself in a unique culture and taste a succulent gastronomy. All these features (or almost) you will be able to observe them from a unique angle: that of your next hot-air balloon tour. Indeed, Marrakech is a site of predilection for hot-air balloon excursions. It is notably the first destination proposed in Morocco for people who wish to try the experience, and you will quickly understand the reasons for the ranking. 
You will be spoilt for choice in terms of the selection of companies, but also formulas for your first flight. Most of them offer departures from Marrakech with the magnificent Atlas Mountains, part of the desert but also the Palmeraie and 360° views of the city centre of Marrakech which takes on a whole new look from above. Many wonders will therefore be to rediscover. If this destination is so famous for the diversity of landscapes it offers, you will observe sublime contrasts of landscapes, but also of colours between the snowy mountains and the desert soils, passing through the heart of Marrakech and the small villages on the outskirts of the city. For even more beautiful colours, departures are usually at dawn to enjoy the sunrise. Images that will undoubtedly remain engraved in your memory!
If you still have some reservations about trying the experience, be aware that the sensation of vertigo is very little felt aboard hot-air balloons and that the gondolas are very well stabilized. The supervisors of these excursions are generally passionate and professional people whose know-how is unquestionable and who will be pleased to share the secrets of your trip with you. Different formulas will be proposed to you where some of them propose terrestrial activities in complement like camel rides, but also formulas offering more services on board like mint tea, breakfasts or gastronomic meals during your excursion which generally lasts 4 to 5 hours. Don't hesitate any longer and fly away to a magical experience!
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