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Everything You Need to Know about Hammams

Written on : 05 June 2019
By : Samantha Franco
What is a Moroccan Hamman?

What is a Moroccan Hamman?

If you have ever considered getting a hammam, but have been hesitant about the experience, read on to discover exactly what to expect from a hammam in Morocco.This treatment makes itself known around the world for being a relaxing and cleansing ritual that is centuries old and as integral to Moroccan life as tagine and mint tea. In the hammam, your body is cleansed from head to toe. It takes place in a humid steam chamber, where a Tellak, a hammam attendant, will douse you with water before applying soap to your skin and exfoliating it with a kessa glove.

Bit of history?

Bit of history?

The concept of a public bath was created by the Romans more than 2000 years ago. Citizens were encouraged to visit their local bathhouse in order to clean themselves and maintain good hygiene. The practice caught on with the rest of the world, with Morocco being one of the first countries to embrace this way of bathing. Citizens enjoyed the way they were able to keep themselves clean and their skin nourished, all while being able to sit and socialize with other members of the community. In fact, the hammam became a popular gathering spot where people of all social classes would meet and discuss anything from politics to business. The sessions where done entirely naked, and where separated by gender.

The ancient way of visiting a hammam consisted of going to souk beforehand to get your own bathing products. In modern day hammams, all is provided by the facilities. Attending a hammam remains highly prevalent in Moroccan culture, with many Moroccans still partaking in baths on a weekly basis. Now it is more common to see unisex bathhouses which means a bathrobe or swimsuit is necessary to protect your privacy.

The hammam ritual

The hammam ritual

Step 1:
Forget your shame and complexes. Nobody will judge you or your body.

Step 2:
Undress. Depending on the establishment, you will be able to keep your swimming suit/bathrobe on or will have to go totally naked.

Step 3:
The attendant will usher you into a hot, steamy room. Your first job here is to sit back and relax. The steam will start to open your pores. A few deep breaths will help you let go of all the stress you have accumulated wandering through the vibrant souks.

Step 4:
After a while, the attendant will return with a bowl of black soap. The attendant will soup up your legs, feet, back, and face. Once the soap is on, you can rub it gently for another few minutes.

Step 5:
The attendant will return with a bucket full of hot water. They will scoop the water out and rinse off the soap from your body.

Step 6:
Once the soap is all off, the attendant will use a kessa glove to scrape away your outer layer of dead skin.

Step 7:
After so much heat, you will need a cold shower to stimulate your body and clean off al the skin rests.

Step 8:
When the session is over, you can enjoy a moroccan mint tea while enjoying sandalwood aromatherapy. If you want to finish in style, we recommended trying out a royal massage,which consists of a massage done with argan oil to completely relax while rehydrating your skin.

Benefits of visiting a hammam

Benefits of visiting a hammam

  1. Improves circulation
  2. Reduces stress, anxiety, and allows for deep relaxation
  3. Reduces insomnia
  4. Soothes muscle pain and rheumatism
  5. Removes dead skin from body, unclogs pores while eliminating toxins from the skin
  6. Regulates skin oil secretions to prevent acne, helps heal scars, and reduces redness
  7. Relieves period pains
  8. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  9. Nourishes skin with vitamins and mineral
  10. Great atmosphere to socialize and boost confidence

Our top 4 villas with a private hammam

Our top 4 villas with a private hammam

Dar JL

Dar JL is a luxury property located in the Marrakech Palmeraie. It consists of 12 acres of sumptuous gardens covered with orange trees, olive trees and palm trees. There is an organic vegetable garden, meditation area, yoga pavilion, hammam, tennis court, private jogging track, gym and three swimming pools. Equipped with 11 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, accommodating up to 21 people, it is the perfect place for a large group of friends or several families traveling together.  

Average rating by our clients: 9.7/10

“This property is amazing and we absolutely loved it. It is stunning! The staff are superb and will cater to any need you have. Mustafa was so friendly and Hicham provided the most delicious food for all meals. Very flexible. Special thanks to Mike the manager!” - Ellen S.


This stunning 16 acre estate is nestled within olive groves and walled gardens, it is incredibly private while still just 30km South of Marrakech. Aza has it all. Perfect for hosting large family events, destination weddings, and corporate retreats. It features nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a heated swimming pool, a fully equipped hammam and spa, a clay tennis court and a billiard room. Live like royalty for a few days as you get pampered by the impressive staff consisting of housekeepers, cooks, maids, and butlers. With its authentic Moroccan style, Aza will make for the perfect stay during your holidays!

Average rating by our clients: 9.7/10

“The staff was fantastic! Ismael and the girls in the kitchen, WOW! The architecture and layout of the property. Nothing but the best!” - Sandberg D.

Dar Batma

Dar Batma is a  luxury family villa with six bedrooms and six bathrooms,  capable of accommodating up to 12 people. The house stands in the heart of a large private park in the Palm Grove of Marrakech, 15 minutes from the city centre. Dar Batma makes for  a charming escape. It boasts several courtyards, garden areas and terraces. A seguia (small irrigation canal) runs quietly through the vast garden bursting with flowers, fruit trees and colours. Having lunch on the terrace under the shade of olive trees is a heavenly moment. The staff consists of a caretaker, a chef, a butler, two maids and a gardener.

Average rating by our clients: 9.3/10

“Wonderfully private and expansive property with two pools (truly!) and so many gorgeous nooks to explore, both inside and out. Staff were always helpful and present, as was Bettina (the Villanovo contact) who was always very quick to answer our calls and be of assistance. There is nothing like waking up to the menagerie of lovely songbirds outside, then enjoying a wonderful breakfast in the garden with the vines above you and olive grove in the distance (and fresh Moroccan OJ that is seemingly endless!). Such a treat of a villa and property!” - Falk W

Villa Ozin

25 minutes from Marrakech and only 15 minutes from Royal Golf and Amelkis Golf Resort, on the road leading to the village of Sidi Abdallah Ghiat, Villa Ozin is a beautiful luxury villa equipped with eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Built on a landscaped garden of 12,000 square metres, offering stunning views of the Atlas Mountains. The property offers a spa area including a hammam, a massage and treatment room and an ultra modern gym.

Average rating by our clients: 9.1/10

“We like the beautiful setting of the villa Ozin - spacious sitting room and outdoor sitting areas. The swimming pool is nice and big. The garden is well looked after. The staff are very friendly but discreet. The food (lamb & chicken) is delicious but they need to introduce variety of the food as we had most of our meals at the Villa. If they could cook more fish, prawns, calarami etc... ” - Xiaodi B.