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All you need to know about camel rides in Morocco

Written on : 15 July 2020
By : Léa Frémiot
All you need to know about camel rides in Morocco

If you visit Morocco, you will soon discover that camel riding is one of the country's emblematic activities and that many activities related to it will be proposed to you to leave for a visit to the desert. We have therefore gone to discover this rather special activity to give you all the information about it. 

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An Unforgettable Excursion

An Unforgettable Excursion

What if you left the frenzy of Marrakech for half a day to escape to discoveries far from the hustle and bustle of the souks or the bustle of the Jemaa El Fna square? A camel ride can be a good alternative to discover the wonders of Marrakech in a different way. Indeed, you will be able to visit the Palmeraie on camelback, but also the desert with your guides. It will also be an opportunity to get out of the city and visit more remote corners like small traditional villages. 
Since the dawn of time, camels have been used as the main means of transport in Morocco and mainly in the most arid areas of the country. We must, however, make a small precision on the subject: they are very commonly called camels in Morocco by tourists or companies offering these activities, but they are actually camels in the majority of cases. Indeed, these companions on which you will gain height have only one hump! 
If you choose an excursion to the desert, it is possible in this case that camels will take you to your camp, but the rest of the time the rides are done by camels. 
Several formulas will be proposed to you like somewhere the return trip to your villa or riad will be included, but also formulas including a mint tea at your departure or excursions of several days in the desert, with camps on the spot where you will be able to watch the sunset. Finally, if you wish to do without a guide or if you already know the city well, you will also have the opportunity to rent a camel to make the trip of your choice. 
Camels and dromedaries are generally very docile and used to tourists so don't be afraid to approach them. However, we do not recommend this type of activity if you have back problems, as these excursions are not always very comfortable, especially over long periods of time. Also if you are pregnant you will have to do without this activity. 
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