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The most beautiful souks of Marrakech

Written on : 11 December 2020
By : Chloé Girod

When you think of Marrakech, the souks often come first. Indeed, their vibrant atmosphere, colourful stalls and excited merchants are a sight not to be missed on any trip to the beautiful red city of Marrakech. 
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The most beautiful souks of Marrakech

Traditionally, the souk is an open market where locals can buy all kinds of basic necessities. Street vendors would come here to display their products found in the villages next door or coming from the other side of the world. Marrakech is situated on many trade routes, so there are many goods from all over Morocco and neighbouring African countries. Merchants usually travelled by camel or donkey with a heavily loaded caravan. 
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As the population grew, merchants then began to set up small souks next to busy places. They then used their donkeys and carts to roam the labyrinthine streets of the Medina to sell their products as close as possible to the population. 
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You will therefore find many souks in the city of Marrakech that sell all sorts of products. Let's set off together to discover the different souks of the red city.

The most beautiful souks of Marrakech

  • The Smata souk: it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful souks of Marrakech. Here you will find whole walls of babouches of all colours, ranging from the simple traditional Moroccan slipper to those embroidered and decorated with jewellery. 
  • The Semmarine souk: This souk located in the heart of the Medina, is marked by its arc-shaped entrance. Here you will find mainly traditional clothing from the mix between the Berber traditions of the south and the Arab world of the cities. 
  • The Zrabia Souk: Close to the Rahba Kedima square, you will find this typical souk selling mainly carpets, vases, ashtrays and other ceramic souvenirs. This souk is also known as La Criée Berbère, it is here that there were many auctions. 
  • The Attarine souk: If you are a food lover or just for the pleasure of the senses, this souk is paradise! You will find many spices such as the famous Ras El-Hanout. The spice square is a real show with spices packed in large cones, you will be able to buy many spices at an affordable price. 
  • The Dhabia souk: Otherwise known as the jewellers' souk, you can find a lot of jewellery at all prices. Some shops sell high quality jewellery specialising in Berber jewellery. 
  • The Cherratine souk: You will find many leather goods in this souk located north of Souk El Kebir street. In this maze of streets, you can find wallets, handbags and belts as well as many shoemakers. 
  • The Haddadine souk: A little further away, this souk is worth the diversion to admire many ironwork objects such as Moroccan lamps, teapots and other metal objects. You will be able to see the craftsmen making them which will be a splendid spectacle! 
  • The souk of the Apothecaries: It is undoubtedly the most surprising souk to make in Marrakech. You will find there remedies to cure all the evils and even love potions. You will be able to see jars of medicinal plants, dried animals and snake skins. A real open-air curiosity cabinet! 
  • The Sebbaghine souk: Located further south you will find this souk, otherwise known as the dyers' souk, where you can see many installations with fabrics of all colours. It is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic souks in Marrakech with its beautiful indigo, saffron or mint colours drying in the sun.